Free Watch Company receives many customer reviews and testimonials from people looking to share their experiences. Here are just some of our happy customers: 

Beth H, London:

"I love being pleasantly surprised! The watch from Free Watch Company arrived quicker than expected and the build quality is absolutely fantastic."

Joshua M, Nottingham:
"Ordered the Chelsea watch from FWC last week after a friend tagged me on Facebook. I love it! 

It looks amazing on my wrist and I've already had lots of compliments!"


Matt P, Liverpool:

"Felt compelled to write a review for you guys because, to be honest, I was a little bit skeptical :)  I took a leap of faith and was rewarded with a stunning watch with a beautiful nato strap (I ordered a Richmond)." 

Lily B, London:

"Ordered a Rose gold Kensington and the leather is MUCH better quality than I expected! The gold case has a gorgeous finish and looks soo elegant."


James R, Southampton:

"I don't like taking expensive things on Holiday because I don't like worrying about losing or damaging them. Free Watch Company watches are perfect for this! I ordered four (one for me and three for my friends as a gift before getting on the plane). It was nice having the peace of mind that the watch didn't cost me anything so I was able to relax when out for the night. All four watches survived the holiday and are still going strong. Highly recommend."


Arita P, Toronto:

"Soo happy with mine! I live in Canada so I was a little worried about having to pay customs fees but it simply arrived through the post about a week later with no issues whatsoever. Dials are nice and clear making it very easy to tell the time. I love my little watch!" 


Varut K:

"Beautiful, light and comfortable to wear"


Sam M, Melbourne:

"I ordered this gift for my best friend's birthday.

I was concerned the face or strap might be too big for her because she's petite, but it's perfect. It has a shiny rose gold finish which looks very good with the pink nato strap. Changing the strap is very easy and takes about 15 seconds. 

It's amazing value for a premium looking watch which seems like it is going to last.

Very tempted to order another one for myself"


Elliot T, Cardiff:

"Didn't know if the Free Watch Company was legit or not because I was the first of my friends to order one. Very pleased to say it arrived in the post as promised and I'm delighted with my new timepiece!" 


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