Q. Why do you give watches away for free?

A. We believe everyone should experience the joy and confidence which comes with wearing an elegant timepiece. An additional bonus is we can offer jobs to people in the local community who have previously been unable to find work

Q. Are your watches really free?

A. Yes, and they always will be. 


Q. Are there any other costs I need to pay?

A. We only ask customers to cover the small p&p costs to ship their order (approx $10 to anywhere in the world). There are no other costs, now or in the future.


Q. How can you offer free watches?

A. We work directly with the watch factory and we order vast amounts of watches to get the lowest possible price. We have also negotiated preferred rates with logistic partners to ensure we keep postage and packaging charges to a minimum. 


Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

A. We are pleased to now offer same same-day dispatch. 


Q. Where will my order be dispatched from?

A. All orders are dispatched from our warehouse in the UK. 


Q. Why does the checkout page state my information will be transferred to the United States?

The Free Watch Company website runs on Shopify, one of the world's most popular and secure e-commerce platforms.

Shopify's secure servers are based in the United States, therefore our customer's information is transferred to the USA.

This is standard practice and ensures your information is kept as safe as possible.


Q. Do you sell my details to any other companies?

A. We value your trust. Your personal details will never be sold to third parties.


If you have a question which isn't answered here, please feel free to contact us